Welcome to the Passion Living Program waitlist.

Zenwa Concepts' signature online course that helps you turn passion into your way of life while building a legacy so you can cultivate a growth mindset, confidence and fulfillment!

We can't wait to help you navigate the changes in your life using passion as a key motivator that can help you embrace the fun parts and endure the worst parts of change, so you can enjoy the positive opportunities that change presents in your life.

Get creative and find your voice in how you show up to the world in terms of your mind, body and soul using your passion as your compass that flaunts your unique contribution to the world.

Why this waitlist?

This course opens a few times a year with limited seats in each enrolment so we can give you full support that will help you succeed. Being on  the waitlist gives you the first hand opportunity to receive updates about the next enrolment. If you are ready to take action at the next opening, you will receive first preference to enrol into the program.

We also want to hear all about you to ensure this program is the right path for you.

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